Monday, September 28, 2015

James Patterson to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

I love this man in fact my shepherd is named after one of his characters.    (Corny maybe, but Maximum Ride is incredible!) He deserves this award and so many others for promoting reading. He has constantly donated books to classrooms, libraries and to the military. I am inspired by him.

Well done James Patterson and congratulations.

Pivot Point~Split Second~Kasie West

Let’s start with Pivot Point. Perfect name! We all know what a Pivot Point is as the point of balance. But, what if it is more? The point of the paths we take. Addison has a choice to make in two different realities, two different possibilities and yes, two different boys. Which path should she choose? She can see the outcome before she makes the choice. To say the least Addison has special abilities.

We finish this with Split Second, after all life can change in a split second. This book has betrayal, suspicion and non-stop action. I can’t spoil it, I could never do that. Let’s not forget her best friend has abilities too; she can re-store Addie’s memories.

The gifted live in the compound. Norms live outside. Her dad is on the outside while Addie lives inside the compound with her mom. When her dad asked her to come and visit, life gets more complicated. 

J.K. Rowling

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Uglies Series~Scott Westerfeld

Westerfeld masterfully wrote this series. The story covers a series of peer and social problems shared by teens, one of which is the need for perfection. The tale takes place in the future/dystopian setting. Absolutely Brilliant!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Because We Told Her To~Sal Conte

If I haven’t said it before, or if you have not had the good fortune of reading anything from Sal Conte / E. Van Lowe, you are truly missing out. Brilliant. I could go on and on about his ability to draw you into his story, but I am not going to; not this time. We are going to talk about his story “Because We Told Her To.”
It starts in the present talking about the past, and with that you are totally captivated. This is somewhat of a confession of events that have happened. A sense of humor is kept throughout, even as the storyline becomes ominous.

A babysitter watching two kids, not a bad gig, huh? Easy money, right? All is well, until you meet them. You will climb into a darker world as the you turn each and every page.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

This is a cleverly written short story. Only because of my background did I have the slightest idea where it was going. It is creepy and spooky. I was so impressed it would be exciting to maybe not have this story end here! I see all sorts of possibilities. I am truly looking forward to reading more from Helen Deakin.

Fallen Angel Saga~E. Van Lowe

These books rock it! Smart, witty and have a lot of great lines. I am so impressed with E. Van Lowe’s writing style. I am forever a fan of his. Truly. The story moves through these books! Not only do you have a plot building that keeps you on the edge, you also see the normal teenage peer issues. A single mother raising a daughter both daughter, mother have entered the world of dating and danger. I couldn't stop turning the pages. What more can I say this book was finished with book one in twenty-four hours. That right there says a lot for these books. Many times in a series you will find a book or two that doesn’t keep the steady flow of action but not in these.

Thank you E. Van Lowe for your fantastic books.